event • september 13, 2018

Thanks for helping us kick things off!

Our Calling All Artists launch event was a great success and we owe a huge thanks to all the folks who came out, participated, and gave us such a warm, Waltham welcome.

Special thanks also goes to Mayor McCarthy and members of City Council for joining us, to the Estate of Susan O’Malley for allowing us to show the artists work, the Campos-Borsatto Duo for their fabulous music, and to our volunteers and generous sponsors, including Lincoln Arts Project, Newtonville Camera, Inc., Nickerson and Hills Inc., and Brothers Marketplace - Waltham.

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We mapped Waltham’s creativity

Together we identified over 25 arts and cultural organizations, institutions, museums, and festivals, two major universities, and three well established studio buildings that are the home to over 90 artists working in Waltham. In addition to these assets, you identified multiple places on our map where you choose to create, which includes home studios, co-working spaces, schools, etc.


We asked questions, you answered

We wanted to know how we can continue to strengthen the arts and culture landscape in Waltham, and learned a lot about what you need to better support your practice.

You shared that Waltham boasts diversity and affordability, key ingredients that provide ideal working conditions and attract creativity. Though, you also indicated that Waltham is lacking resources to sustain and develop your artistic practice, or equitable and visible opportunities to enrich all of our communities. You’ve given us a lot of great ideas to think about.


What’s one thing that makes Waltham’s creative community unique?

An overwhelming majority of responses include:

  • Diversity

  • Affordability

  • Down to earth people

If you had a magic wand, what one thing would you add to make Waltham’s creative community even better?

Responses include:

  • More support for artists from our immigrant and LGBTQIA communities.

  • Integration of rich local history into the arts

  • Exhibition space and visible support for the Arts

  • Paid arts leadership


What’s one thing you might NEED from Waltham’s creative community to better support you?

Responses include:

  • More affordable studio space

  • Grants training

  • Cross sector collaborations between the artistic and business communities

  • A Cultural District

  • Educational partnerships

  • More social events

What's one thing you can CONTRIBUTE to make Waltham's creative community even stronger?

Responses include:

  • Participate and attend events

  • Teach workshops

  • Organize Meet-ups and drop-in arts programming

You cast your votes

We asked that you cast your vote for initiatives you would like to see here in Waltham and the results are in.

In order by popularity:

  1. Public artworks/murals

  2. Youth & adult art classes

  3. Artist housing

  4. Visual & performing arts center

  5. More arts & cultural festivals


We missed you!

If you were unable to attend this event, you can still take part! Take a few minutes to complete this survey to give us a better sense of who you are and what you need to continue your creative practice here in Waltham.