Art + Community

"Consciousness is power. Tomorrow's world is yours to build"

-Yuri Kochiyama


Blueprint Pop-Up! 

This Spring we will be hosting a month-long exhibition and series of free public programs exploring how artists are addressing climate change and it's effect on our environment, our eco-system and our relationship to one another.

Social Emergency Response Center


Artist Talk:

Hannah Perrine Mode


Word-Coining for the Human Nature Dictionary


Artist Talk:
Sandrine Schaefer





Our vision

Arts and cultural experiences enrich community, drive economic growth, and empower new generations of creative thinkers. More than ever, we need the creative community to remain vigilant in its unique ability to inspire new ways of looking at the world, encourage dialogue and, most importantly, demonstrate all the ways that the arts are a vital asset to be nurtured, sustained and protected.

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We are a plan of action

Blueprint Projects assembles the creative community through free arts programming, engages the community at large by addressing pressing social issues through arts based strategies, and advocates for the fundamental role that a creative ecosystem plays in sustaining a strong and vibrant community.



Where we work

The City of Waltham, Massachusetts, a unique, culturally rich and diverse community, is a wellspring for creativity with a storied history of innovation. Our goal is to celebrate and magnify what makes this a dynamic place to live by partnering with the public to create meaningful, inclusive opportunities for thoughtful, creative exchange, and to provide a vital space for critical engagement to thrive.